Cleaning is already a high risk job, with all those fumes and chemicals to worry about, dangling on a ledge a hundred feet up in the air doesn’t do much to make it safer. Instead of risking life and limb for a few clean windows, our Chicago maid company has a solution.

Our Chicago based cleaners cleaners

To have a team, capable of every single type of cleaning service you need to invest a lot in your workers. You should be constantly on the look for fresh talent with:

  • Handiness
  • Carefulness
  • An aptitude for the job

Windows cleaning servicesMerely assembling a team of youngsters is not enough, however. Despite appearances, cleaning can be a rather challenging task. Proper training is in order to ensure that all of our employees are up to par with the responsible task they are about to face in Chicago. Even with impeccable training and proven skills most cleaners require years of experience to reach their full potential. Our veteran team consists almost entirely of such people – ones you can rely on to get the job done quickly and flawlessly.

Our gear

Admittedly we would not be of much use if it wasn’t for our equipment, however you can be sure that we have spared no expense in procuring the most excellent tools available in Chicago for our line of work. You can be certain that the detergents 5maids use have all had painstaking care put into choosing them to keep the safety of the environment.

Crystal clear windows

Nobody likes cleaning. This goes doubly so for windows as they are:

  1. Uncomfortable to clean
  2. Dangerous to clean
  3. Sometimes even downright impossible to clean

if you have hard to reach places, or understandably fear for your safety, we are your best bet at resolving your problems. Our Chicago based cleaners will take care of any glass surfaces you have for only a nominal fee.

Reaching us

Comfort is the name of the game with us! We are easily reachable by phone and online. All of our services are insured and available at affordable costs.

Since its official founding in 1837 Chicago has been one of the fastest expanding cities in the whole of the United States. Today it is the third most populous settlement in the country. Chicago has always been one of the most prominent cultural and commercial centers in the Northeast, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.