Who doesn’t love the smell of home cooked meals? Probably somebody who’s oven has been left dirty for a while. There is no chance that you can enjoy the scent of your roast, or fresh Christmas cookies when merely turning it on makes your home smell like a firing range. 5 Maids Chicago has a solution for your predicament: our oven cleaning services.

What we bring to the table:

The cleaning business, despite appearances is competitive and demanding. Few companies can hope to persevere if they have a lacking:

  1. Team
  2. Set of tools
  3. Quality of service

Oven CleaningWhen we examine our would be employees we look for traits such as: motivation, sense of responsibility, handiness, etc. Only if they meet our already high criteria they are allowed to proceed to our extensive training that covers all aspects of cleaning work.

Saving money on detergents and other cleaning supplies is detrimental in the long run. the quality of a clean, as 5maids knows well is very dependent on the products they use.

Speed is of the essence and the best you can do is provide your cleaners with rapid vehicles and pro drivers. We can get around Chicago in a matter of minutes to deliver our excellent services

Got ovens?

Asides from the obvious bad smell that a dirty oven can cause, it is a potential health hazard as well, due to the unsanitary conditions. Keep your family healthy and you kitchen fresh by hiring us right now.

5 Maids Chicago is available by phone and online, we offer full insurance and fair prices.

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