If you’re looking for professional sanitation experts and reliable maid services then you’ve landed on the right place. 5 Maids Chicago is the service you need for all of your cleaning needs in the state of Illinois.

An investment is in order

Nobody is born a professional, you become one. Like our company, a lot of our cleaners come from humble beginnings. They have gradually expanded their expertise and skill set over the years, to become the masters of the trade, renowned for their capabilities today.

Weeding out the unfit

Our Cleaning TeamToday we are one of the most prosperous cleaning companies, so we can afford to have a strict hiring process. We only take up people who are:

  • Careful
  • Handy
  • Responsible

We do not let them work straight away as we first need to truly test their capabilities.

Cleaner boot camp

We admit that it is quite unusual for a cleaning company to have a training process but we want to make sure that our professionals are up to par. After it, all of 5maids’ cleaners are competent enough to make possible our wide array of services in Chicago.