What makes your home dirty?

House hallway
12 Feb

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about cleaning is that without any obvious reasons our homes somehow get dirty. Even if you do not do anything specific, your furniture, floor and decorations will still need to be sanitized. Along with the “invisible” factors there are a number of very visible ones and we will try to point out some of the most likely reasons to why we are forced to clean our house or apartment.

If you own a hard floor (maybe a wooden one) and if you also have an air conditioner then chances are you will see a lot of hairs and particles on your floor. The AC makes it so that the air circulates all the time. In fact the device creates some sort of a very low draft thus blowing all the dirt in your house and piling it together. It clusters and is easily seen on the floor, especially in hallways. You will need to vacuum regularly or to simply stop using your AC all the time.

In order to solve the problem above you can buy a carpet or a few actually. They will trap the dust particles and you will not see them. The thing is, that carpets will not only need to be vacuumed but also steam cleaned often. Having a carpet might also be a problem in another way. If it is placed near the entrance then people with shoes will likely track mud all over it and make it awfully dirty. You can’t just mop that dirt out, you need to wash the thing. If you expose your carpet to direct sunlight it will start showing fading. This way your whole room will look beat up and dirty.

Areas to focus your attention on

House hallwayThe more members of your family, the more chores there will be to be taken care of. This does not mean that you shouldn’t have children. You simply need to be mindful about it. Kids play around the house and they usually make a mess. The easiest way to make your home look dirty is by feeding your children wherever you see fit. Along with that their toys will be everywhere and you might start tripping over objects thrown on the ground. Be ready to spend a lot of time putting everything in order. Also having a child requires a sparkling clean environment and germ free rooms. Pay attention to:

  • Slippery floors
  • Open windows
  • Dangerous objects
  • Electrical sockets

Having a pet is perhaps even worse in many senses. Their fur will be found on sofas, upholstery, beds and maybe even the curtains. Vacuuming once a week won’t do. On top of it all prepare for some smell. Even though dogs or cats are great to have at home they are also the main reason for your house to be not very welcoming to guests.

In conclusion

At the end of the day if you do not feel like dealing with all of these dirt factors mentioned above, you can always call and hire professional housekeepers. Maids can clean and maintain your home in a great shape. Look for more info on that matter.