To be honest it’s not that much of a secret how cleaning works. It is the way we do it that makes it special. 5 Maids Chicago enjoys giving our work an extra touch. We always do our best when somebody hires us, and we rely on the quality of our service more than anything else.

Who makes it all possible?

How it worksThere is an abundance of cleaning companies in Chicago. However we are a cut above the rest mainly due to our expert cleaners. These men and women are:

  • Skilled
  • Experienced
  • Motivated

and beyond capable of pulling off even the most outrageously impossible tasks. We pay extreme attention when we take up new recruits to weed out all those, deemed unfit. What follows is the most extreme training process out of any such firm, that lets us have a team, that is capable of the widest variety of cleaning services in Chicago.

You are only as good as your tools

And in our case this means pretty good. We never go cheap on cleaning supplies, as we know how vital their quality is to the work we are supposed to provide our clients. 5 maids’ workers handle skillfully any tools they need to get the job done.