The difference between a nanny and a maid

13 Mar

People often fail to draw the line between a babysitter and a housekeeper thinking that both professions pretty much do the same. While in some countries this might be the case, when we talk about Chicago professional services, there is a difference between the two. We will look at this issue below and will clarify some important details.

The nanny you hire to watch over your kid. Babysitters are typically female but there are a number of male ones as well. There is no wrong choice when it comes to the gender of your nanny. However, women might be a little bit more capable as they are more patient and pay attention to detail more than men do. You nanny is not obligated to arrange anything at your home. Their task is to make sure your child is fed and maybe put to bed after a playing session with toys. Babysitters in Chicago can often times provide some educational help to your kids as they can conduct short lessons too. A good professional will teach a toddler some songs and will read fairy tales to them. These people are often multi-functional as it is a huge advantage to them over the competition. You want a nanny that can play video games but can also say something smart. You also want a person who is serious and responsible. Being able to provide first aid when needed is a huge boost to the value of the babysitter. As far as cleaning goes, they will sanitize things only if the baby made a mess and needs to be cleaned up. Their duties do not involve making your bed or washing your windows.

A maid can be a very versatile helper

Our Cleaning TeamBy now it should have become pretty clear what a maid does. These professionals are the ones to book when you are looking to get your home in order. Housekeepers are not hired to deal with living creatures, i.e babies. Yes, they might say something nice to your child or dog but their main duty is to clean, dust and wash. They will take care of your dirty dishes and will put away all the things you left behind. Housekeepers do dusting and vacuuming. For an additional fee you can also get steam cleaning and window washing in Chicago. However, it isn’t their job to read stories and to sing songs with your kids. That doesn’t mean that maids are not polite. On the contrary, most households develop a healthy relationship with their cleaning ladies which also leads to excellent business relations as regular bookings are made.

Some companies in Chicago may offer both services. Very rarely you will have them performed by the same worker. You will likely need to place a call and specify the nature of your request. Foreign speaking workers can be found when it comes to both housekeeping and babysitting. You will be amazed about how flexible these companies are nowadays.