How to Clean a Ceramic Sink with Natural Products

Bathroom Sink
17 Jan

Are you tired of using toxic and chemical based detergents for the sanitation of your ceramic sink? If you are, keep reading because we will present you a tutorial which will permit you to clean your sink with eco-friendly products which won’t emit any unpleasant odors or harm the skin on your hands.

  1. Purchase the necessary materials

Head to your local supermarket and buy baking soda also known as sodium bicarbonate, white vinegar, a brush and rubber glove if you still prefer to have your hands protected during the execution of your sanitation duties.

  1. Plug the sink

Prepare your sink for the cleaning routine by plugging it with its plug. This will facilitate the task as you won’t have to pour extra cleaning products to properly sanitize your sink.

  1. Sprinkle the baking soda

Grab the sodium bicarbonate and scatter it thoroughly over the sink. Turn extra attention to areas which have limescale, soap scum and grease build-ups. Also sprinkle some baking soda around the base of the faucet as it is an area which tends to accumulate dirty and the aforementioned particles.

  1. Pour the white vinegar

Get the bottle of white vinegar and pour a small amount of it directly into your sink. Don’t be alarmed by the fizzing reaction as it is perfectly normal when sodium bicarbonate is mixed with white vinegar. Leave both ingredients to fizz for about five minute before you resume cleaning.

  1. Spread the mixture

Bathroom SinkUse a clean sponge to spread the mixture into your sink. Work gently so that you don’t damage the ceramic surface. Soon after you should notice the limescale, soap scum and grease dissolving. Don’t forget to turn attention to your faucet’s base. If the build ups are too resilient you should repeat the process. If after the second trial the harmful particles are still present, you should contact professional cleaners who specialize in sanitation services including bathroom cleaning and delegate them the task. You can easily find affordable and dependable maid services in Chicago.

  1. Rinse

Once all build-ups and stains have been removed, rinse the sink with cold running water. You can use a clean microfiber cloth to clear areas which the water cannot properly reach. Also allow the water to run down the drain for several minutes, so that you can be certain that all the baking soda has been washed away and won’t cause any unwanted pipe blockages.

  1. Dry the sink

Use a new and clean cloth to dry your sink. If you desire you can apply a ceramic polisher to add extra sparkle to the surface.

As you can see it isn’t hard to maintain a crystal clean ceramic sink by using only natural products. Also it would be for the best if you hire professional maids at least twice a year to immaculately clean not only your sink but all the ceramic features in your household or place of work.

Now that you know how to keep a spotless and stainless sink, pull up your sleeves and take care of the task.