• How It Works
    How It Works
    To be honest it’s not that much of a secret how cleaning works. It is the way we do it that makes it special. 5 Maids Chicago enjoys giving our work an extra touch. We always do our best when somebody hires us, and we rely on the quality of our service more than anything […]
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  • Recurring Office Cleaning
    Recurring Office Cleaning
    At 5 Maids we offer a wide range of sanitation services in all Chicago areas. Even though we focus on home-cleaning oriented cleaning solutions, we are fully licensed, equipped and committed to cleaning up offices and other commercial premises throughout the metropolitan area. Expert cleaners to do what is best for your business in Chicago […]
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  • Windows Cleaning
    Windows Cleaning
    Cleaning is already a high risk job, with all those fumes and chemicals to worry about, dangling on a ledge a hundred feet up in the air doesn’t do much to make it safer. Instead of risking life and limb for a few clean windows, our Chicago maid company has a solution. Our Chicago based cleaners […]
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How It WorksRecurring Office CleaningWindows Cleaning

Top Cleaning Services

Oven Cleaning

Who doesn’t love the smell of home cooked meals? Probably somebody who’s oven has been left dirty for a while. There is no chance that you can enjoy the scent of your roast, or fresh Christmas cookies when merely turning it on makes your home smell like a firing range. 5 Maids Chicago has a […]

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Kitchen Cleaning

5 Maids is the leading provider of top quality sanitation services throughout all Chicago zip codes. Over the years we have built a very solid reputation for ourselves as reliable, cost-effective and overall completely trustworthy. Here we would like to offer you our kitchen cleaning solution for Chicago – one of the best on the […]

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Bathroom Cleaning

At 5 Maids Chicago we care for your comfort and peace of mind throughout every stage of your domestic sanitation process. That is why we have tailored exquisite bathroom cleaning solutions for Chicago that are up to the highest quality standards. They can be used as a separate service or part of your overall domestic […]

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Best Cleaning Company In Chicago – 5 Maids

Hello and welcome to 5 Maids, a leading provider of high quality cleaning services in Illinois. When there is a sanitation job to be completed, no matter what Chicago zip code we are talking about, our staff will come, take care of business and be on their way. That’s how we have been doing things for years now and it has brought some very good results for us. Count on our expert team of cleaners based and operating in Chicago for any domestic sanitation related issue that you have on the books. We are also licensed for office cleaning, so in those instances when you want to make your business as presentable as possible, 5 Maids Chicago is the answer for you too.

Great cleaning solutions for your everyday needs

The top five of our most sought after cleaning solutions include:
  • Regular home cleaning
  • One off sanitation in Chicago
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
There is very little doubt in our mind that we are prepared to meet your requirements in the best possible way. The outstanding customer reviews that we are constantly receiving from our thousands of clients speak volumes about the quality of the Chicago covering cleaning services that we are providing to you.

5 Maids Chicago is your leading sanitation agency in Illinois

At Five Maids we maintain a large team of exquisitely trained fully licensed technicians ready to work for your comfort day and night. It does not matter how big or how small the task you want us for is. You can have us remove a single wine stain from the carpet in the living room, or come three times a week and clean your entire home. In both cases we are going to bring in:
  • Powerful state of the art cleaning equipment
  • Eco friendly detergents
  • Trained Chicago based cleaners to take care of the job

Well equipped pro-cleaners for all Chicago, Illinois zip codes

In this way you can expect nothing short of instant results that are up to all industry standards. Call 5 Maids Chicago and forget about all the trouble you are going through every time you try to put your house in order. We will manage this duty of yours, leaving you with time and energy that you can concentrate on other important aspects of your life.

Cheap and reliable cleaning solutions in Chicago

The best part is that you do not have to worry about money. Maid services in Chicago used to be pretty expensive back in the day, but we keep our rates low, thus guaranteeing our reach is for as wide an audience as imaginable. Don’t believe us? Give our helpful around the clock customer support a buzz today and ask for a free no obligation quote for the service that you want from us. The price you are told in advance would be the price to pay upon completion of  the job, no hidden taxes and additional charges at the end. That’s how we roll. Chicago is the third largest city in the United States and the second one in terms of economic importance. Chicago is leader in the financial sector, commercial and passenger transportation as well as various aspects of culture that constitute the American life. The city is home to some of the best loved sports clubs in the country as well – The Chicago Bulls, The White Sox, The Chicago Bears and many more. The largest airport in the world – O’Hare International – is also within the premises of Chicago. Over 50 million people go through its gates on annual basis.

Our Team

If you're looking for professional sanitation experts and reliable maid services then you've landed on the right place. 5 Maids Chicago is the service you need for all of your cleaning needs in the state of Illinois.